CUSTOMIZED TO MEET EVERY COMPANY’S SPECIFIC SIZE, needs, and demands, Genesis offers automated and easy-to-use features. Basic and complex payroll scenarios can be completed through application features such as job costing, labor distribution, built-in test environments, and more.

Scalable and completely customizable, Genesis is the solution for companies of all sizes. Ensure that your company is updated and informed in all aspects of payroll by using Genesis Employee Management System.

Geospatial Tax Identification
Using Google maps ensures proper federal, state, and local tax rates.

Auto Calculations
Auto-calculations of checks, statements, and payroll reports, “as you go,” helps aid in your payroll process to verify that you are entering the correct information.

Customizable Input Screens
Customizable input screens, automated time clock imports, and easy-to-use spread- sheet formats make for quick and accurate payrolls.

Customized Reporting
Reports can be easily created, changed, saved, exported, or emailed through our system to ensure all necessary parties have the right information, exactly when they need it.

Employee Self Service
Employees have access to view and print pay statements, W-2’s, benefit statements.  They can fill out and submit electronic I-9's & W-4's.  Update personal information, access company documents, company directory and more!

Pre-Process Reports
With our calculation“as you go”system, any report can be run prior to payroll finalization which can prevent mistakes that could cost you time and money.