Authenticity is the new superpower

Author Brene Brown once stated:  “Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.”

As employees seek for greater work satisfaction and home/work balance, being authentic helps keep everything in check and the communication flowing. The days of projecting a polished image to manage a team are disappearing. In the modern workplace people crave and respond to authenticity, and want to know who is leading them..and what their dog’s name is!

In a previous position, I had to leave early to watch my daughter run a cross-country race in her senior year (I had it previously approved).  As I was leaving, my supervisor asked “Do you think this will help you in your career?” Somewhat perplexed by the question, I answered: “Maybe not today and maybe not with you, but in the long run, absolutely” And you know what? I was right!

Of course, it doesn’t mean sharing every little thing, but being true to yourself, and others, while keeping the lines of communication open and respectful, is a surefire way of finding out what you want, and if you’re in the right place to get it. 

Here’s four easy ways to help become a little more authentic in your workplace. 

1. Being vulnerable is unifying

At our most basic, humans want to connect. Living in a way that’s open and honest, even while acknowledging your shortcomings and mistakes, is life-affirming and builds unity. Great leaders show their human side by losing their titles and standing alongside their team.

2. Being authentic allows you to learn about your colleagues and your clients

Being authentic creates room for others to do the same.

3. Focus on the moment

Living in the present forces you to focus on only what is in front of you at that moment. A refreshing change of pace from the constant barrage of our digital world.

4. Change your perspective

Focusing on the changes you can make, rather than worrying about being a people pleaser will change your whole outlook.