Barnstorming With Our New Team

Posted by 'Payroll Paul' Devlin on Oct 28, 2020 2:08:08 PM
Nothing like spending a Friday afternoon with a little sales team bonding and our first 'Barnstorming' meeting which was themed "Why"? It was also nice to welcome our newest team member, Shannon, who will be opening up our first office in Dallas, Texas! Shannon come from the hotel world so making people feel welcome is in her DNA.
brians angels
We can all do our jobs well but having a reason 'why' always puts more meaning behind it.  Maybe its your kids, or a sick relative, but going the extra mile is always easier when you are inspired.

It seems we go through life needing answers to WHAT we do and HOW to do it, but tend to ignore the most important question of all, WHY we do it. Knowing why creates reason, and then, intention. With intention, we have the drive and passion to fuel both ourselves, and our business, forward.

As recent examples of this success, two companies have changed the ways people travel. Uber took the idea of a taxi cab and combined it with modern day location software available on our phones. Their reason and intention were to change transportation. Airbnb is now a serious alternative to hotel stays for families and individuals around the world. Their mission statement outlines their purpose: “To connect millions of people in real life all over the world, through a community marketplace - so you can belong anywhere.” As a result of these compelling intentions, both companies have experienced tremendous growth.

At APlus, we ask ourselves “Why?” every day. The answers help us improve our systems and processes. We remain grateful and humble.

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