Don't worry, be thankful!

Posted by APlus Payroll on Nov 19, 2019 9:28:36 AM
All too often, we find ourselves chasing after something not because we actually want it, but because we feel like we should have it. Why? Well, because other people have it.
Comparison has become all too easy today. Like everybody else, we'll blame that on social media. One minute we feel accomplished and successful in our careers; until we log into LinkedIn and see that a colleague was perhaps recently published by The New York Times. We have absolutely no complaints about our cute little house, until we see that one of our Facebook friends have just purchased this ridiculously gorgeous home on a giant wooded lot.
However, it's important to remember that someone else's success isn't your failure. And, beyond that, we don't have to have (or even want) everything that other person already has within their grasp. We're different people with different lives. So, do your best to stay focused on your own path, and forget the rest. What everyone else is doing has little to no impact on your own success and happiness. 
So take that moment, pour yourself a cup of tea, and force yourself into a positive frame of mind at least once a day. Everyone has bad days and frustrating moments, but no matter what happens, when we are forced to think about the good in our lives for at least a few seconds, the positive ramifications will stay with us every day. How lucky are we that we even get a holiday to do just that? 
At APlus we remain thankful for our team, our clients and the fact we are entrusted every day with your most important asset, your employees. We will never take that for granted and the only comparison we will ever make is "What are we doing today, to be better for you tomorrow?"
May we wish each and every one of you a happy and safe Thanksgiving.
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