5 things you'll learn by taking a hike

Posted by Brian Weimer on May 16, 2019 10:12:56 AM
If you've ever ventured away from the world of 'virtual' reality and into 'actual' reality you'll find many beautiful places out there. Within that world are incredible trails worth following and perhaps the opportunity to learn a lesson or two along the way. Here are 5 things you might just learn by taking your next walk in a picturesque spot.
1)No matter the distance, pretty much anything is conquerable if you break it down into bite-sized chunks.
Whether climbing a mountain, running a marathon or losing a few pounds, it all begins by making the commitment to begin. Every journey truly does begin with the first step.
2) If you come to a fork in the road, take it!
We are often held back by our inability to make decisions. Walking a path forces us to make these small decisions throughout our journey. The beauty is whatever path you take, you will eventually get to where you want to go. Some pathways may be more difficult than others, some may take longer and, like life, we may have to slow down or speed up, depending on the conditions, in order to arrive in one piece.

3Say 'hello' to the people you meet along the way
The people you meet along the way often are the highlight of your hike, whether they be from a different City or Culture. Your chance interactions with them will allow you to appreciate new perspectives and glean fresh ideas.

4) Stop and enjoy the moment
Whether through exerted effort (or lack of oxygen) you'll be forced to sit, rest and wait a while. It's during this time of reflection that you will often find a peace that you can only discover while gazing over a vista or listening to the rustling of the wind through the trees. In an age of constant digital distractions, finding time to sit quietly is becoming a gift unto itself. 

5)The view is always worth the effort
Whatever summit you choose to ascend, whether it be weight loss, sales competition or a new skill mastered, the feeling you will get by achieving, will far surpass the effort you had to expend to get there. In fact, the harder you've had to work and the more obstacles you've been forced to overcome, will make your success all the sweeter.
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Bonus Content: Best Places to Hike in Springfield, Missouri

Did you know that our very own Springfield, Missouri has a growing network of 70+ miles of hiking trails? We'd like to provide you with some of our favorite spots for your next weekend getaway. 

Wilson's Creek Greenway: Recently recognized as a National Recreation Trail, Wilson's Creek Greenway runs through southwest Springfield. You'll even pass through the beloved Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park!

Frisco Highline Trail:  Formerly a railroad corridor, the Frisco Highline Trail is the state's 2nd longest Rail-Trail, running 35 miles through the Ozarks, spanning Springfield & Bolivar with some incredible views!

Valley Water Mill Park: Valley Water Mill Park  features one and a half miles of scenic hiking around the circumference of Valley Water Mill Lake.  Stop in the middle of your hike to enjoy fishing or relax at the Pavillion!

Sequiota Park:  Sequiota Park  is famous among many Missourans for it's bat-filled caves! But it also sports a walking trail and a large reacreational area. 

If you're planning on doing some exploring of your own,  we encourage you to download Springfield's trail and route map for an overview  of all the trails available to you in this great community. 

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