Living Every Day in Thankfulness

Posted by APlus Payroll on Nov 19, 2020 11:19:46 AM

As Thanksgiving approaches, it's time to take an inventory of our lives and realize the things that we should be grateful for.

Did you know that in the Himalayan Mountains  the word for "thank you" doesn't really exist? There is technically a word but it is seldom used and people would be insulted if you used it. You see, In Hindi culture giving and generosity are such integral aspects of every day life, that to just say 'Thank-you' would be considered rude. It is part of the religion and culture to view possession as a very fluid thing. Giving and thankfulness are seen more as a matter of "changing hands" than an act of generosity, and the population are happier because of it.

Fall-HarvestHave you also noticed that the happiest people you know are that way because they live in a perpetual state thankfulness?  Do you sometimes wonder as you gripe your way through the morning commute how they get that way? Well, it's pretty simple really. They focus on what they have in their life rather on what they have not. They are not worried why they don't have a bigger house, a nicer car or a better job. They are thankful for their health and their family and their faith and their friends...and...the list goes on from there...and suddenly the day got a whole lot better.

Here are a couple of ways that cost nothing, yet will make you feel a whole lot better about the world and yourself. 

Be Present. When you are talking to someone, put down your phone and look them in the eye. Actually turn your body so that you are facing them and giving them your full attention. Be present with that person. Regardless of the conversation or how you feel about that person, respect their life and appreciate them for who they are. Be thankful for every moment you have to engage with another person. They may not be there tomorrow.

Give. Thankfulness and giving are connected. We've often heard someone say something like, "I had help when I needed it and so now that I can help others, I want too." Thankfulness inspires giving. However, giving also inspires thankfulness. Giving to and serving others often increases the thankfulness in you. Look for opportunities to give and serve. Bring your coworker a cup of coffee. Help your elderly neighbor with a chore. You will be grateful that you could help and were able to positively effect someone else's day. You may also begin to recognize kind things that others do more readily.

At APlus we have so much to be thankful for. We have amazingly talented people who genuinely care about themselves and our clients (A quality you cannot buy), and we have a state-of-the art program, Genesis Workforce Management Technology, that makes it easier for us to deliver that quality service to you.

However, we are most thankful for you, our clients. We've tried doing this without you and it's just not the same! We hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving and have even more reasons to be grateful in the years to come.

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