We are with you!

Posted by APlus Payroll on Apr 16, 2020 10:18:36 AM
Update: Since we wrote this post, we've compiled a COVID-19 Resources Page, to help you understand all the state and federal legislation around COVID-19.
It is hard to fathom that only four weeks ago what was top of most of our minds was a football game.  How quickly the world has turned.

In that short time a pandemic has crawled around the world, paralyzing everything we know in the process, taking countless lives.

Also, in that time we have seen all parts of the human character play out on the world stage. From anger, to greed, to selfishness, to grief, to generosity,  to bravery and downright heroism.

Schools and businesses have closed  and millions have been temporarily laid off, many permanently.  

There's not a lot we can say right now that will make a difference, but please know that all of us at APlus are here for you. We've loved celebrating with you as your businesses expand and understand the tough decisions you have had to make when times get hard. Make no mistake, there hasn't been a tougher time than the present.

We are sending our thoughts and prayers out to each and every one of you, your team members and families. We hope you remain safe and well during this time and wish a speedy recovery for the sick and those laid off from their jobs.
For those of you staying at home as directed, thank-you and for those brave people who have no choice but to help keep our nation going whether it be on the road, in the grocery store or in the emergency room, we salute you all. 

We will respond as only we know how to do as Americans, by coming out stronger for the experience.  When we do, we'll be right behind you, watching you soar. 
Stay safe and well!

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