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When you’re promoted to leadership or begin a business, it’s often this exciting package deal of uncertainty and what could be.

It’s a proverbial box filled with all the parts you need to solve problems, change lives, and win your dreams.

There are building plans, and marketing plans, and staffing plans. Then you flip one more page – it’s the section about accounting and payroll.

Your eyes start to cross. Palms get sweaty. The room starts to spi—

Ok – it’s not that bad.

Joking aside, you didn’t get into this business to track the latest tax code and file W2’s.

You have dreams that include moving your industry forward and you need experts in your corner to make it happen.

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We're People People

We believe when you’re free from the tasks of HR and payroll, you have more time to focus on growing your company and your staff.

Goes without saying – that time is valuable, just like your people.

APlus Payroll has been helping companies just like yours scale up for more than 25 years by utilizing the most advanced software on the market.

With UKG, you have one dashboard for all of your payroll, scheduling, compliance, and much more!

No Pressure. No Hassle.

From set up to your successful launch, we’re so confident you’ll love partnering with us that we have no term to our contracts.

Unlimited service and support? That’s on the house.

No pressure. No hassle. Only keep us around so long as we’re a benefit to your organization.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s go win those dreams!

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