Automate and streamline your entire compensation management process

Our Compensation Management Software can eliminate the cumbersome manual approval processes. Stop wasting time and resources sending worksheets back and forth to ensure the approved compensation data gets back into your HR system. This approach is time-consuming and leaves too much room for error. There is a better way.

Easily manage the compensation process

Our Compensation Management Software automates and streamlines the entire compensation process. Set up compensation cycles with ease — support for annual, non-annual, cycle-based, and off-cycle merit- and promotion-based salary increases. For ideal adaptability, you can even define program eligibility and manage plans that cross multiple business units.

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Define budgets for each compensation cycle

With our intuitive, spreadsheet-like interface, you can define the budget for each compensation cycle. Our Compensation Management Software supports both top-down and bottom-up budgeting processes — with appropriate approval workflows — and your choice of salary structure. With optional access to salary reports from within the software, you can use up-to-date compensation data and research to guide budget decisions.

Drive efficiency from start to finish

Proposed compensation increases are automatically routed through a configurable approval workflow with automated alerts and reminders to keep the process moving forward. Security controls let you determine at each step of the process who can access specific information and functionality. Our mass finalize function makes it easy for HR to review and approve increases for all employees without having to review each proposal.

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Streamline benefits enrollment and management while increasing engagement

Benefits administration can be a complex and time-consuming process, both during open enrollment and throughout the year. Our benefits administration software enables you to set up, configure, modify, and manage multiple benefit plans, profiles, and types — quickly and easily — with on-demand visibility into eligibility, enrollment status, and costs across the employee base. It's also simple to modify the solution's standard benefits reports to meet your organization's specific requirements. Customizable self-service tools empower employees to select plans and make life event changes on their own — which helps increase engagement and reduce your administrative workload.

Benefits Administration Software

Are employee benefits processes an annual mystery to solve? Our benefits administration software is designed to simplify benefits processes with cutting-edge features that allow administrators to clearly define processes, set up time-saving workflows, and glean key insights from in-depth, on-demand analytics.

Simplify the benefits enrollment process

Through our benefits administration software self-service features, employees can easily sign up for benefit packages and make updates to benefit plans due to life change events. With intuitive navigation, newly on-boarded employees can set up their benefit plans quickly and without the need of management’s time. And customizable tabs as well as configurable employee profiles ensure that employees only see the benefit options available to them during the enrollment process.

A fully customizable instructions tab allows you to communicate specific directions and include other helpful information to guide the employee through the benefits enrollment process. To further ease benefits evaluation, the system offers a plan comparison feature, that can compare benefits plans side-by-side, including coverage, costs, and important client features. Employees can even drill into each plan further to access website links and plan documentation to make decision making easier than ever.

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Reduce errors during enrollment and ensure labor law compliance

Our benefits administration software rules-based system helps eliminate errors and confusion by allowing employees to select benefit plans that meet your specifications. Once a plan is selected, the rules control which other plans are hidden to prevent erroneous selection. If an employee chooses to waive a plan, they will be automatically prompted to select a waived reason from a pop-up box for desired plans. This helps to ensure organizational compliance of labor laws — such as the Affordable Care Act — and mitigates the risk of incurring penalties and fines.

Selecting additional benefits plans

If employees decide to contribute to a flexible spending account, they can simply include the amount they wish to be deducted from their paycheck each period during the enrollment process. Automatic deduction of the specified amount will be taken out of their paycheck during each pay period and allocated to their flexible spending account. Plans such as supplemental life insurance can be configured based on your specifications. You can input calculations into the system, including age banding perimeters, in order to display accurate premium costs to employees. Employees even have the convenience of uploading evidence of insurability documents when selecting their supplemental life insurance plans to further streamline the enrollment process. And to ensure compliance, Group Term Life Insurance (GTL) income can be configured to automatically calculate on all life insurance.

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Simplify benefits management with easy-to-use tools

Automatic email notifications are sent to managers once an employee submits a benefits request. In addition, an action item is populated in the manager’s “To Do” list as a way to approve the enrollment. You can easily generate reports for a more comprehensive view of benefits management, including a comparison of an employee’s old coverage vs. their new plan, benefit reconciliation, and a benefit census report.


Simplify Your Compensation and Benefits Processes

System Highlights

  • Streamline compensation planning with automated tools and workflows
  • Gain increased visibility into all phases of compensation planning
  • Improve corporate governance with automated enforcement of compensation guidelines
  • Make fair, equitable compensation decisions across the organization
  • Empower Employees throughout the benefits enrollment process with self-service options
  • Minimize Compliance Risk with an automated rules-based system
  • Streamline Benefits Processes for all benefits plans
  • Gain Deeper Insight into employee benefits plans
  • Easily Generate Reports for simplified benefits management

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