Be small minded..Like your dog!

Posted by APlus Payroll on Aug 19, 2019 8:51:03 AM
The family dog. For most of us the original photo bomber, long before it became trendy.  The ever present soul at every family event whether it be a Birthday, Anniversary or Play Date. As a child you pulled his ears, rode him like Ranger and faked him out with so many pretend ball throws that you were sure he would finally cry 'wolf' and just take it right out of your hand.
However, he never did, because that's not in their DNA. With a Dog it's pretty much like that movie '50 First Dates', where going for a morning walk holds the same excitement, regardless of whether  this is the 1st or 300th time  you have done it this year.  Why?  Because they live in the moment.  They don't worry about the past and they have no clue about the future. All they have is that bowl of food, that ball or that bone.  There's no room in their mind for yesterdays or tomorrow.
Also, have you ever seen your dog hold a grudge?  If they don't get that treat that you've been relentlessly promising, are they mad the next day? Of course not, they've already moved on. There's no room in their minds for resentment.
Dogs also don't try to be anything but..themselves. You don't see them comparing themselves to other dogs or even being intimidated (if you've ever see a Yorkie bark at a Great Dane, you'd agree).  They're happy and proud of who they are and the attributes they have been given. There's no room in their minds for jealousy either.
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Furthermore, Dogs don't set goals, they just enjoy the journey. If you've ever seen a dog with its face out the window of car, you can attest to this. They don't care where they're going, they're just enjoying the ride. There's no room in their minds for expectations, therefore no chance of failure. 
Dogs are not remotely self conscious.  They can eat, sleep and accomplish every other bodily function in full view of everybody and not be remotely concerned. There's no room in their minds for embarrassment.
Where dogs have the biggest space, however, is in their hearts. The family dog is part of a pack and as result they stick with their pack, play with and defend their pack. They offer unconditional love, whether with a wag of the tail or a sloppy kiss.  The family dog is there to play when we're happy and there to comfort when we're hurting.
So as 'small- minded' as the family dog is, their big hearts more than make up for it and is it any wonder that once they leave us, we are left with a huge void that only a loyal and dependable friend can do. We are also left with the realization that during their time on earth with us, the secret for a happy life for all of us was under that black, wet nose all along. 
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