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Customized to meet every company's specific size, needs and demands

Scalable and completely customizable, Genesis Payroll Software simplifies your entire payroll process while ensuring accuracy and providing in-depth reporting options. Basic and complex payroll scenarios can be completed through this easy-to-use application with features such as job costing, labor distribution, built-in test environments, geospatial tax identification, auto calculations, custom input screens, custom reporting and employee self-service (ESS).

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Are payroll processes slowing you down? Our payroll software is designed to simplify payroll processes by ensuring accuracy, providing in-depth reporting options, reducing payroll errors and easing administrative burden. 

Watch the product highlight video to see the software in action. If you like what you see, you can schedule a demo to get a more expansive look at what our payroll software can do for you. 

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Payroll software that gives you more control

You’re in control with Genesis Payroll Software

More control over payroll equals better results - No more time lost submitting work to a service bureau and waiting for them to check it. No more worrying about extra charges to complete special check runs such as commissions and bonuses. You can process payroll on your own schedule and you get the flexibility to complete as many separate payroll runs as you need.

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a payroll solution that gives you the information you need

The information you need when you need it

Intuitive and highly configurable reporting delivers the payroll data you need when you need it. Modify standard reports with built in tools that allow you to sort, group, filter, or customize report content for any time period. And with paycheck analysis, you can be sure of the perfect paycheck calculations while gaining insights to inform next year's budget planning.

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Payroll management software allows you to make changes with ease

Make changes with ease as you manage payroll complexity

View and edit employee payroll information individually or as a group using the mass edit feature. Change rates at any time during the pay period. Easily manage and modify deduction and earning codes, direct deposits, tax jurisdictions, and other payroll elements so payments always reflect the latest information. And process employee wage garnishments with optimal timeliness and efficiency.

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Empower employees with our convenient mobile payroll app

Convenient mobile app and self-service tools to empower employees

Give employees access to payroll information, including pay stubs and earning histories, through an easy-to-use mobile app and online self-service tools. Plus employees can change direct deposit details, update W-4 forms, and even print W-2 forms.

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Payroll Software to suit your company's needs

Payroll Software Features


  • Geospatial Tax Identification Using Google maps ensures proper federal, state, and local tax rates.
  • Auto Calculations Auto-calculations of checks, statements, and payroll reports, “as you go,” helps aid in your payroll process to verify that you are entering the correct information.
  • Customizable Input Screens Customizable input screens, automated time clock imports, and easy-to-use spread- sheet formats make for quick and accurate payrolls.
  • Customized Reporting Reports can be easily created, changed, saved, exported, or emailed through our system to ensure all necessary parties have the right information, exactly when they need it.
  • Employee Self Service Employees have access to view and print pay statements, W-2’s, benefit statements. They can fill out and submit electronic I-9's & W-4's. Update personal information, access company documents, company directory and more!
  • Pre-Process Reports With our calculation “as you go” system, any report can be run prior to payroll finalization which can prevent mistakes that could cost you time and money.
Payroll Solution Overview

Download the Payroll Solution Overview

Download the Payroll Solution Overview to learn how our Payroll Solution can help you and your business to:

  • Get Up-To-The-Minute-Payroll-Information.
  • Deliver Timely, Accurate Payments.
  • Empower Employee Self-Service.
  • And more!

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Genesis Workforce Management Software Applications

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