Make this Memorial Weekend…Memorable!

by Paul Devlin

As we approach the official start of summer this weekend, I do hope that you take some time, and put it aside for those that are nearest and dearest to you. In these days of ‘Insta’ moments and ‘selfie’ celebrations, it’s easy to forget that the lazy, hazy days of summer are often the best opportunities for quality down time as a family. No structure, just relaxing together.

There is a common study out there that says 75% of the quality time parents have with their children in their lifetime is completed by age 12…12!  If you think back to your own childhood, those quality moments with your parents are normally around that age, just before you started experiencing them for yourself.

There is a significant developmental shift that happens during childhood around the age of 12 and that often comes with a family change in dynamics. Summers begin to have a different look and then eventually parents and siblings become more of a background object, a less integral part of the puzzle.

Of course, growing up is a good thing and we want our children to begin to enjoy such things as driving, their first job, dating etc. but each step adds to their independence until one day, they won’t be around for summer at all.  In the words of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Circle Game’:  “16 springs and 16 summers gone now, Cartwheels turn to car wheels through the town.”

Whatever this Memorial weekend brings you, and whatever form your family may take, may you find the time to create those memories, cherish those that are present, and remember those that have gone before.

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