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Dawnie McNamee

Brand Ambassador

Over the years, Dawnie has become a respected authority in the payroll business. Her vast experience and deep understanding of the field have made her a valuable resource for businesses and accountants across the Country. However, it’s not just her expertise that sets her apart—it’s her unwavering commitment to serving others.

While Dawnie’s professional life is a testament to her dedication, her personal life reflects her love for God, family, and adventure. She loves spending precious moments with her husband and one ‘Frenchy’ and two rescue cats. They form her support system, her sanctuary, and her source of joy.

Dawnie’s adventurous spirit is evident in her love for Harley Davidson motorcycles. She’s not just content with riding around town; she has traveled across the Rocky Mountains on her motorcycle—an experience she describes as both exhilarating and spiritually uplifting.

Her journey is an inspiration—a testament to living life on one’s own terms, fueled by passion and guided by values.

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