What Are Some Lesser Known Features of Our Payroll Software?

by Paul Devlin

While many businesses are familiar with its core functionalities, there are numerous lesser-known features within our software that can significantly enhance your payroll operations and overall organizational efficiency. Listed below are six lesser known features, we will uncover these hidden gems, demonstrating how they can elevate your payroll management and ensure compliance.

  1. Hourly Retro Pay: Previously only available for salaried employees, Retro Pay is now available for hourly workers and can be integrated into the Time Prep Process. Any retroactive rate or compensation change automatically pulls employees into the Hourly Retro Pay step.
  2. Combined Retro Pay and Historical Corrections: Our software allows for Retro Pay and Historical Corrections to be calculated together or separately, providing flexibility based on organizational needs.
  3. Custom Forms Conditional Questions: This feature allows administrators to create rules that dictate which fields and answers provide access to other fields, streamlining the form-filling process.
  4. Auto-Assign for HR Action Checklist Item: This feature enables the configuration of actions to bypass pop-ups and directly assign tasks to managers, improving HR workflow and increasing productivity.
  5. System Utilization Dashboard: A pre-configured dashboard tab provides administrators with a quick overview of how their organization is using the solution, displaying various charts and reports from across the product suite.
  6. Job Change Reason Code for Positions: The addition of an “Other” reason code for job changes allows for more flexibility in defining reasons that don’t fit standard categories.

For more information on how to make these lesser known features work for you, contact your friendly APlus CSS. If you’re not a client yet but would like more information on how our software can work for you, please contact us

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