Why Should I Care Who Answers My Call at a Payroll Company?

by Paul Devlin


The same reason you should care who your Doctor is, who covers your insurance or handles your banking. Trust.

If you can’t pick up the phone and speak to the person who primarily looks after your employees paychecks and Company payroll taxes, are you really a priority?.  Knowing you have someone who. is familiar with you and your Company can often make the difference when you have deadlines or fires to put out. Running a business is not easy or for the the faint of heart. It’s often the owner that is left to pick up the pieces should an employee fail to show up or simply do a poor job that needs redone.

The end of the week always sneaks up and that’s especially so when it’s time for payroll. That’s why an APlus CSS like Joanna is so valuable. Here’s how she feels about the job she does:

“An important aspect of providing great customer service is being able to speak to a person who is familiar with your account each time you call or send an email, instead of having to explain your situation several times to different people. There is nothing worse after being transferred multiple times, and no one seems to know how to help you or give you an answer.  That is frustrating, and a waste of your valuable time!  I work together with our team to build a close working  relationship with my clients so they know they can rely on me.  I strive to streamline their payroll processing and reporting duties to minimize the time they spend on their company payroll, which lets them get back to building their company.”

– Joanna Burough, Client Support Specialist, APlus Payroll

The individual who answers your call at a payroll company plays a critical role in shaping your overall experience and perception of the service. Their ability to provide accurate information, resolve issues promptly, and offer a friendly and respectful interaction cannot be underestimated. As such, paying attention to who answers your call at a payroll company is not just about customer service—it’s about ensuring a seamless and satisfactory payroll experience that supports employee satisfaction, retention, and morale.

If you would like to have a Joanna in your corner, why not contact us today? It could be the first step toward a smoother, more personalized payroll experience for your business.

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