3 Reasons Why Our Time & Labor Module Will Save You Hours

by Paul Devlin


At APlus Payroll, we’re always on the lookout for effective ways to streamline employee management and payroll. That’s why our clients absolutely love the time and labor module built into UKG Ready. Here are some key reasons why. First and foremost, its employee self-service feature is a game-changer. By giving employees the ability to handle their personal information, schedules, and PTO requests, it saves an immense amount of time for HR and management. Need more reasons? Here are three more:

  1. Time and Attendance Tracking: This feature allows organizations to accurately track employee working hours and attendance. It automates routine tasks, reducing the likelihood of errors that often come with manual data entry. For example, a manufacturing company with multiple shifts can use this feature to track employees’ check-in and check-out times, ensuring accurate payroll processing. This also allows for real-time visibility into workforce trends, helping managers to make informed decisions.

  2. Labor Forecasting:  ‘Ready’ provides labor forecasting capabilities, which helps businesses anticipate staffing needs based on historical trends and future projections. This feature can be particularly useful for retail businesses that need to adjust their staff numbers seasonally. With accurate labor forecasting, they can avoid under-staffing during peak periods or over-staffing during slow periods, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings.

  3. Absence & Leave Management: This feature enables easy tracking and management of employee leaves and absences. It simplifies the process of requesting and approving leaves while ensuring compliance with company policies and labor laws. For instance, a healthcare facility can use this feature to manage leaves of its nursing staff, ensuring there’s always sufficient coverage without violating labor laws or overworking employees.

These features not only streamline time and labor management but also contribute to overall organizational efficiency. Furthermore, by ensuring accurate tracking of time and labor, it helps in maintaining compliance, thereby mitigating potential legal risks. Combined with the local support of your APlus CSS, you can truly give yourself a ‘time raise’.     Schedule a demo here

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