5 reasons why our clients do (and you will) love our Time & Labor module

by Paul Devlin

Are you tired of the constant headache that comes with managing employee timekeeping? Look no further than our Time & Labor module by UKG Ready through APlus Payroll. Starting from only $60 a month, this software offers an affordable solution to timekeeping woes. Its ease of use ensures that even the most technologically challenged employees can accurately record their hours worked. And with increased accuracy comes an opportunity for a time raise for your team! Not only is it painless to use, but APlus Payroll offers a personal level of support to ensure you have all the hand-holding you need to make sure it is customized for your business.

Here’s what our clients said were the top 5 reasons they loved it:

1. Accurate time tracking:

It ensures accurate recording of employee work hours, eliminating manual errors and reducing the risk of overpaying or underpaying employees. This accuracy helps you avoid unnecessary expenses and potential legal issues.

2. Overtime management:

The system can automatically calculate and manage overtime hours, ensuring compliance with labor laws and preventing unnecessary overtime costs.

3. Streamlined payroll process:

It integrates with payroll systems, making the payroll process more efficient and reducing the time spent on manual data entry. This automation helps save time and reduces the chances of payroll errors that can lead to financial losses.

4. Improved workforce productivity:

By having a centralized system to track employee hours, you can identify areas of inefficiency and take necessary actions to optimize workforce productivity. This optimization can lead to cost savings by eliminating unnecessary overtime or reallocating resources effectively.

5. Compliance with labor regulations:

It helps you stay compliant with labor regulations, avoiding penalties and legal issues that can result in financial losses. Overall, UKG Ready TLM provides accurate time tracking, streamlined processes, and compliance management, all of which contribute to saving money for your business and boost your bottom line.

Investing in UKG Ready TLM by APlus isn’t just about choosing a platform, it’s a declaration to safeguard your business, its finances, and its future. And when you partner with APlus Payroll, personalized support is not a luxury, but a guarantee.

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