Will My Office Manager Lose Their Job Because I Outsource Payroll?

by Paul Devlin

Great question and one we have been asked on occasion. Of course, there is no way any of us can predict the future, either personally or professionally, but what we can report is that many office managers that had those concerns, soon realized that they became even more valuable than they were before.

Why?  Not only do they now have a more efficient system at their fingertips, but having someone to partner with on the Payroll side, means they can concentrate on the other areas of the office that may have been neglected. As we know, time stops for no payroll. Our goal is not to replace them, but rather empower them. 

As an example, having that ‘partner in payroll’ would allow them to perhaps get help designing a customized report specifically for their Company, which would help them track inefficiencies and ways to improve. Owners love those!

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