The Difference Between Using Your Accountant and a Payroll Provider

by Paul Devlin


Having a great Accountant is an absolute lifesaver in business. A good CPA will always look for ways to save their client money. CPAs are well-trained and very skilled in working with financial statements and tax planning, however very few have extensive training in payroll and HR.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to be a CPA knowledgeable in accounting and tax laws and also keep up with the payroll and HR trends and laws. In fact, that is why APlus exists today. APlus started in a CPA firm and when we found out you can’t be all things, APlus spun off into its own entity to focus on just payroll and HR.

Your employees’ salary and benefits are two major expenditures in your organization and they can benefit from the specialized attention you receive from a company that just focuses on your payroll. From maintaining the morale of employees to the company’s financial stability, payroll plays a huge role.

This is why many CPAs like to work with a Payroll provider. They know the data that will be sent to them will be accurate and can rest easy knowing the liability for regular tax payments lies squarely with the payroll company, not their client, so that is one less issue to worry about.

Also, their clients are happier because they have full access to their employees’ data, 24/7, and can add timekeeping and HR modules seamlessly as they scale up. When it comes to your payroll, it’s all about what is the best fit for you and your employees.

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