Five reasons why UKG Ready’s time module will make you (and your business) more efficient

by Paul Devlin


Businesses are increasingly turning to UKG Ready Time in order to streamline and optimize their workforce’s time. This module is designed to help businesses better manage, track, and analyze the time spent on tasks and activities within the workplace. By leveraging this technology, companies can increase productivity and reduce costs while still providing employees with more flexible work arrangements.

Here we will look at some of the benefits that come with using the Time module:

1. Automated Time Tracking: Makes it easy for businesses to accurately capture employee hours in real-time and eliminate manual entry mistakes. It also allows companies to keep track of employee attendance records for compliance purposes.

2. Streamlined Scheduling: Businesses can easily create employee schedules from anywhere and make sure they stay up-to-date with changing customer demands. It also helps managers ensure that all employees meet their daily objectives while reducing scheduling conflicts between employees by making sure everyone has the same amount of hours allocated to them each week.

3. Improved Productivity: By automating tedious processes like payroll and scheduling, businesses can free up more time for their employees to focus on productive tasks that will generate revenue for the company instead of wasting precious minutes on manual data entry or scheduling conflicts.

4. Reduced Labor Costs: With automated scheduling capabilities, overtime costs can be drastically reduced since no additional resources need to be allocated for data entry or other administrative tasks associated with manual time tracking solutions. Additionally, since UKG Ready Time supports flexible working arrangements such as remote workdays or part-time jobs, labor costs can be reduced significantly as well by eliminating full-time positions when necessary.

5. Increased Employee Satisfaction: With improved accuracy in tracking employee hours and greater flexibility in work arrangements, employees are able to customize their daily workflow according to their preferences without any impact on productivity levels or quality of work produced. This increases morale among staff members which not only improves retention levels but can also have a positive effect on customer satisfaction as well since satisfied employees tend to deliver better customer service experiences overall.

If you are already utilizing our payroll module, the time module is an easy addition to what you have already. We can work with most existing time clocks to reprogram them to UKG and make sure they are talking to our system correctly. We can also set up an export file from your time clock to upload as a manual import in a worse case scenario. Similar to switching a cell phone service, a few clicks is normally all it takes and you will be ready to improve your timekeeping and in turn, accuracy of your payroll. Contact your friendly APlus Payroll CSS for more details.

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