One Employee Record – A Single Source of Truth

by Paul Devlin



Tired of using multiple payroll systems that barely talk to each other? At APlus Payroll, we understand the challenges and complexities that come with managing employee records and payroll. One of the most significant advantages of using UKG Ready is its role as an employee self-service tool. This feature allows employees to manage their personal information, view their schedules, request time off, and more, all without needing to involve HR or management. This autonomy not only empowers employees but also frees up valuable time for HR and management.Not only does our Ready solution provide a single source of truth, but it also offers comprehensive analytics and reporting right within the platform. This is because all data points are accessible.

Two major features of the employee self-service

  1. A single database for all HR information – This unified system helps to improve accuracy and efficiency while reducing manual errors. For example, when an employee updates their address in the system, it’s automatically updated across all HR records. This eliminates the need for multiple entries and reduces the risk of discrepancies or errors.
  2. Personalization and ease of use  –  The system can be customized to fit the unique needs of each organization and its employees and your APlus CSS can help customize that for you. Additionally, the intuitive interface makes it easy for both employees and managers to navigate and use. For example, an employee can easily log in to check their schedule or request time off, while a manager can quickly approve requests or review performance data.

Finally, and because of the consistent experience throughout the platform, you are able to personalize and tailor the solution to the person’s unique role. So the employee experience is truly built for employees plus a managed experience for managers. This means that the information that they have access to is going to be relevant to them and their role, allowing them to jump into the solution, get the information that they need or quickly approve/update their information and get on with their day – most importantly with very little formal training. 

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