Let Us Be YOUR Tour Guide

Posted by APlus Payroll on Oct 19, 2020 11:47:00 AM
They say every journey begins with a single step and whether you're an infant trying to walk or a budding entrepreneur venturing out on your own for the first time, its always important to know there is someone there to catch you if you fall. In Parenthood, nothing encapsulates this moment more than when you are teaching your child to ride a bike. First its a tricycle, then training wheels, then its a swift jog alongside their first venture onto two wheels. Who can forget that moment when they finally have enough momentum that you take your hands away and they take off, beyond your grip, and on to a whole new world of adventures. 
If those future adventures end up taking you to far off places, one of the best ways to experience the culture is to invest in a guided tour of a place or Country, in the hands of a local guide. Having an expert familiar with the culture and customs on your side can add so much more to your overall travel experience. Whether it's showing you the road less traveled or offering up weird and wonderful facts about a particular site you are visiting, the invaluable information they give you can bring history to life. They also keep you safe by keeping you on the right path and offer suggestions to restaurants and the like that you may have never tried on your own. 
Let us guide you through your payroll, HR, & TLM journeyTry scaling Everest without a Sherpa and see how far get!  It is one thing to know the direction you are going, but unless you know the pitfalls and crevices along the way, you may never get there. 
In adulthood,  we often find ourselves drawn to mentors, people who perhaps are a little further along this journey we call life than we are. They are trusted advisors who can help us whether in a personal, professional, spiritual or physical sense. We can certainly walk that road alone, but it sure is nice to have someone that knows the way!

We are fortunate to have clients who are at every stage of their own Companies' journey. Some are new and need more hand holding as they enter into the minefield of tax issues that come up within Payroll, Time & Labor and Human Resources. Many are already gaining momentum and growing almost daily both in terms of revenues and employees and some are at the point where they are far enough along the road that they can mentor a new generation to continue their legacy.  

Thankfully, our Genesis Workforce Management Software has the unique capability to grow with you. The more complex your process becomes, the more feature it has to simplify it for you.

At APlus we have the unique opportunity to play guardian, tour guide and mentor every day for our clients and we do not take the responsibility lightly. As you grow, so do we, and that's a pretty exciting journey for all of us!

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